Our Services

Expert Machining and Fabrication

Precision Machining


Our highly skilled craftsmen have decades of experience to help deliver high-tolerance work with expert quality. Our precision machining services offer everything from machining a single part designed to your specs to working with you in the design process, manufacturing and setup of a complete machining project. We offer high speed CNC precision machining and milling on various grades of mild carbon, stainless steel, brass, plastics and much more.

Short Run Production

Short Run

With state of the art equipment and years of experience in our shop, we will be diligent in finding production solutions that deliver high quality parts for your next production run. We specialize in short run production where our customers have a need to have their orders filled quickly.

Machine Building


At Action/Axis, we have decades of knowledge and experience in precision machine building and the automation industry. We offer top of the line, modern, and advanced solutions and engineering insight with our expert machine building and automation services. We follow rigorous standards and apply quality measures to offer our clients unbeatable service and product production.

Fixtures and Jigs

& Jigs

When working on designing fixtures and jigs, we call upon our extensive industry knowledge and years of experience, offering our clients specific solutions to their unique challenges. Our design services are closely based on our clients’ designs, requirements and modeling. We offer jig and fixtures design services for machining, assembly, welding, checking and much more.

Wire/Sinker EDM Work

Wire & Sinker
EDM Work

When it comes to Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) at Action/Axis we are true experts in the field. Selecting the right type of process for EDM work can significantly reduce your production and manufacturing costs and provide you with more precise and accurate solutions for your production project. EDM technology can be applied in various forms including turning, prototyping, milling, grinding, small hole drilling and many more.



With our advanced knowledge and skill set in metal fabrication, we offer our clients a wide range of fabrication services. We use the latest and most advanced industry technologies to deliver unbeatable services and top of the line craftsmanship with the utmost precision. Our fabrication services are tailored directly to our clients’ unique needs and customized to fit their unique job requirements, budgets, and overall expectations. Our fabrication services are offered with precise CNC machining, forming, bending and more.

Laser Cutting


As part of our complete machining specialties, At Action/Axis we offer advanced Laser Cutting and Plasma Cutting services. With the use of cutting-edge technologies and software we are able to manufacture with precision laser and plasma cutting services for hundreds different parts and products.